Member Websites- Visit the sites of the most talented photographers in New England and see their work. If you have a website of your work you would like listed and you are a guild member, please send it to Lew at

  • Joe Bashour:
  • Janice Borodezt:
  • Patricia Cahill Taft:
  • Ross Harris
  • Eric Hovermale:
  • Rich Hudson
  • Frank Leith:
  • David Pinkham:
  • Howard Rotblat-Walker:
  • Hiroko Shikashio:
  • Karin Forde Whittemore:
  • Cindy Wilson:
  • Members Biographies- members are invited to submit a one page biography for posting. Corrections or updates should be sent to Lew.

    illian Barber
    Joseph Bashour
    Hilja Saarits Bergey
    Janice Borodezt
    Patricia Cahill Taft
    Debbie Filkins
    Ray Drueke
    Michael Dwares
    Michael S. Guertin
    Sylvia Hampton
    Ross Harris
    Eric Hovermale
    Rich Hudson
    Bonnie P. Jaffe
    Marc A. Jaffe
    Lewis Keen
    Paul Murray
    Don Palen
    Barbara Pease Renner
    Jack Renner
    Lenny Rumpler
    Hiroko Shikashio
    Jane Viti
    Patti Weiss

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