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53 images from 28 Guild members

The images are alphabetical by last name of the photographer

Beardos by Jillian Barber

White Wedding by Jillian Barber

Modern Mona Lisa by Colleen Conley

Spoke by Colleen Conley

Horse Hay by Eileen Conragan

Reflecting Birches by Eileen Conragan

Honorable Mention

Return to Hoarbour by Alyce Croasdale

Honorable Mention

Between by James Gedney

Mosaic by James Gedney

From the Mountains to the Sea by Jennifer Hanley

Special Delivery by Jennifer Hanley

Gooseberry Beach by Jack Heller

Inside Out by Jack Heller

A Revelation in Black by Eric Hovermale

Honorable Mention

Chevaux de Feu by Eric Hovermale

Cannon Mt. Rime Ice by Robert Hurd

Closer by Bonnie Jaffe

Work Angle by Bonnie Jaffe

Piece of Sky by Marc Jaffe

The Three Towers by Marc Jaffe

Charlie by Carole Kenny

Samburu Woman by Carole Kenny

Dutch Moon by Eric Klos

Wildfire Sunset by Eric Klos

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Jewels by Linda LaParle

Windswept by Linda LaParle

Honorable Mention

Dawn by Frank Leith

The Call by Frank Leith

In the Act of Creation by George Lowell

Walking on Air by George Lowell

Sand Steps by Andy Lowen

Striking a Pose by Andy Lowen

Dave by James Lynch

Pierce Arrow by James Lynch

The Towers by Marilyn Moffatt

Horseshoe Falls by Marilyn Moffatt

Calla Lily by Candace Morgenstern

First Place

Tiverton Dec 31st by Candance Morgenstern

Morning Trek to Water by Paul Murray

The Last Dance by Paul Murray

Second Place

Snowy Owl in Tree 3 by Murray Norcross

Thundering Waves at Sachuest by Murray Norcross

Fisherman's Wharf by Susan Ohama

Into the Woods by Susan Ohama

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Abstract by David Pinkham

Winter by David Pinkham

Flower 1 by Howard Schlesinger

Rose by Howard Schlesinger

Ripples in the Sand by Donna St. Amant

Sand Petals by Donna St. Amant

Third Place

Shaw's Farm Barn by Jane Viti

Honorable Mention

Alley by Darlene Walsh

Full Moon Over BI by Darlene Walsh

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